Andreas Ulmer, MSc

Andreas Ulmer, MSc



Room: 335 (N26)
Phone: +49(0)731-50-38352



Andreas was born in Ochsenhausen and raised near Biberach (Ringschnait). He studied Chemistry at Ulm University and did his bachelor thesis in the group of Prof. Ziener about the synthesis of polymercoated silica nanoparticles in a dye-stabilized emulsion. He joined the Delius group in summer 2020 for his master thesis about trialkoxysilane cryptands. Outside the lab he likes listening to music, meeting friends and playing video games.

Bachelor Thesis

Dextran- und chitosanumhüllte sub-35 nm Silicananopartikel

Master Thesis

Kinetic Investigation of Trialkoxysilanes and Self-Assembly to Cryptates

Research area

Trialkoxysilane Cryptands