Anna-Laurine Gaus, MSc

Anna-Laurine Gaus, MSc



Room: 4410 (O26)
Phone: +49(0)731-50-22796



Anna-Laurine was born and raised nearby Biberach. She studied Chemistry at Ulm University and completed her BSc with a research project in the Delius Group on the synthesis of double helical aromatic architectures in 2018. Rejoining the Group in 2021, she now conducts research on photosensitizer-catalyst dyads for the light-driven hydrogen evolution reaction for her master’s thesis. In her free time, Anna-Laurine can be found either in the mountains for snowboarding, hiking or biking, or in the gym playing and coaching handball. 

Bachelor Thesis

Preparation of Fluorene Precursors for the Synthesis of Double Helical Aromatic Architectures

Master Thesis

Imine Bond Functionalization of HER Catalysts & Dyads

Research area

Dynamic covalent repair of photosensitizer-catalyst dyads