Alessio Carioscia, MSc

Alessio Carioscia, MSc



Room: 345 (N26)
Phone: +49(0)731-50-38356



Alessio was born in Prato, Italy. He graduated in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Florence under the supervision of Prof. Cristina Nativi and Dott. Stefano Roelens. He then moved in Maynooth, Ireland for a 7-months internship in the research labs under the supervision of Dott. Trinidad Velasco-Torrijos. He started is PhD in November 2022 at the University of L’Aquila, under the supervision of Prof. Armando Carlone, focusing of green organocatalytic methodologies and supramolecular catalysis. He joined the Delius Group in September 2023 as a visiting PhD candidate. Outside the lab, Alessio is a passionate reader and a Netflix fan.

Master Thesis

Synthesis of 1,8-diaminocarbazole-based receptors for molecular recognition of xanthines in water

Research area

Heterogeneous catalysis and Supramolecular organocatalysis.




1)A. Brussa, D. Iapadre, M. E. Casacchia, A. Carioscia, G. Giorgianni, G. Magagnano, F. Pesciaioli, A. Carlone Acetaldehyde in the Enders triple cascade reaction via acetaldehyde dimethyl acetalBeilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry 2023, 1243-1250