Míriam Pujals, MSc

Míriam Pujals, MSc


Ph.D. Student


Room: 344 (N26)
Phone: +49(0)731-50-38353



Míriam was born in a town near to Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain). She studied chemistry at University of Girona (Catalonia, Spain) and she moved to Barcelona to study a master of organic chemistry. In 2019, she went back to Girona to start her PhD thesis with Prof. Xavi Ribas (QBIS-CAT Group) about encapsulation and functionalization of fullerenes within supramolecular nanocapsules. Nowadays, she is staying in Delius Group for 3 months (February-April 2022) working on the development of new strategies for the synthesis of novel functionalized fullerenes and their further applications.

Bachelor Thesis

Functionalization of fullerene C60 by means of Bingel reaction using supramolecular nanocapsules

Master Thesis

Synthesis of coumarin fluorophores featuring emission in the far-red/NIR region

Research area

Regioselective functionalization of fullerenes using supramolecular masks strategies