Shao Li, MSc

Shao Li, MSc


Ph.D. Student


Room: 345 (N26)
Phone: +49(0)731-50-38350



Shao Li was born in Henan, China. He did his Bachelor studies at Xi’an University of Science and Technology, majoring in Chemical Engineering, and received his Bachelor degree in 2012. He moved to Zhengzhou City, China, studying fluorescence probes at Zhengzhou University, and received his Master degree in "Organic Chemistry" under the supervision of Prof. Yufen Zhao and Prof. Yong Ye in 2015. In early 2016 he joined Lei You’s group carrying out syntheses of compounds for dynamic covalent chemistry. In March 2018, he joined the group of Prof. Max von Delius for his PhD studies, which will focus on novel dynamic covalent functional materials. Besides work, he enjoys meeting up with friends, outdoor activities, swimming and Kongfu exercising.

Bachelor Thesis

Study on growth condition of microorganism in fracturing fluid and performance of bactericide

Master Thesis

Synthesis and Properties of Ratiometric Probes Based on Rhodamine B- heptamethine indocyanine and Naphthalimide

Research area

Synthesis of dynamic covalent functional materials


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