Xiang Wang, PhD

Xiang Wang, PhD


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Room: 335 (N26)
Phone: +49(0)731-50-38352



Xiang Wang was born in Henan, China. He studied chemistry in Shandong University, Jinan. There, he got his first exposure to supramolecular chemistry and obtained his BSc in 2009. Then he moved to Tianjin, and continued his pursuit of supramolecular chemistry as a Master student in the lab of Prof. Yu Liu in Nankai University. In 2012, he got the chance to carry out his doctoral research in Dr. Ivan Huc’s group in France. His PhD research focussed on the application of artificial helical molecules in synthetic molecular machines. After obtaining his doctoral degree, in November 2016, he joined Prof. von Delius’s group as a post-doctoral researcher, working on the self-assembly of molecular cages using dynamic othoester chemistry. When he is not in the lab, he enjoys watching movies, reading books and travelling.

Master Thesis

Hg2+ Sensing of Rhodamine Modified Permethylate Cyclodextrin and Assemble Behavior of Cyclodextrin-Porphyrin System

Ph.D. Thesis

Orchestration of the self-assembly and molecular motion of helical pseudorotaxanes

Research area

Self-assembly of organic cages using dynamic othoester chemistry


Conference contributions

  • ISMSC2017, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2-6/7/2017: poster presentation

  • Ulm-Erlangen Symposium on Functional Organic Materials, 10-11/7/2017: poster presentation



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