Mini-Symposium "Dynamic Covalent Cages"

On the 25th of October 2019 we we hosted a Mini-Symposium on "Dynamic Covalent Cages" with four distinguished guest speakers.


  • Artur Stefankiewicz (AMU Poznań): Multidynamic molecular and supramolecular assemblies

  • Anna McConnell (Uni Kiel): Towards Cages: Understanding the Dynamic Covalent Chemistry of Amidoboronates

  • Florian Beuerle (Universität Würzburg): Dynamic Covalent Chemistry at Work: Some Insights into Formation Pathways and Stabilities of Boronate Ester Cages

  • Sébastien Ulrich (IBMM Montpellier): Self-assembly of fluorescent cages by orthogonal dynamic covalent chemistries