We are active in two major research areas: 1) the investigation of complex dynamic networks based on non-covalent bonds, dynamic covalent reactions and dissipative reaction cycles; 2) the synthesis of functional organic materials for applications in organic electronics, spintronics and energy conversion. 


In the area of systems chemistry, we investigate dissipative reaction networks. We aim to develop new reaction cycles, to couple several such cycles to one another, to design new 3D-printed flow reactors and to use computer-aided design in their optimization. We also explore and utilize new dynamic covalent reactions (e.g. orthester exchange) and use privileged binding motifs (e.g. amidinium ions, fluorinated cyclohexanes) to generate mechanically interlocked architectures or supramolecular polymers. Read more here.


In the area of functional organic materials, we synthesize highly strained macrocand utilize their supramolecular chemistry to achieve site-selective functionalization reactions of fullerenes and to achieve defect-free solution-processing of carbon nanotubes. We also synthesize (organic) materials and develop new concepts for organic photovoltaics, photocatalysis, battery science and quantum information processing. Read more here.

Research Highlights


A. Englert, J. F. Vogel, T. Bergner, J. Loske, M. von Delius A Ribonucleotide ↔ Phosphoramidate Reaction Network Optimized by Computer-Aided DesignJournal of the American Chemical Society 2022, 144, 15266–15274
O. Shyshov, S. V. Haridas, L. Pesce, H. Qi, A. Gardin, D. Bochicchio, U. Kaiser, G. M. Pavan, M. von Delius Living Supramolecular Polymerization of Fluorinated CyclohexanesNature Communications 2021, 12, 3134

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E. Ubasart, O. Borodin, C. Fuertes-Espinosa, Y. Xu, C. García-Simón, J. Juanhuix, F. Gándara, I. Imaz, D. Maspoch, M. von Delius, X. Ribas A three-shell supramolecular complex enables the symmetry-mismatched chemo- and regioselective bis-functionalization of C60Nature Chemistry 2021, 13, 420-427

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Y. Xu, S. Gsänger, M. B. Minameyer, I. Imaz, D. Maspoch, O. Shyshov, F. Schwer, X. Ribas, T. Drewello, B. Meyer, M. von Delius Highly Strained, Radially π-Conjugated Porphyrinylene NanohoopsJournal of the American Chemical Society 2019, 141, 18500-18507

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X. Wang, O. Shyshov, M. Hanževački, C. Jäger, M. von Delius Ammonium Complexes of Orthoester Cryptands are Inherently Dynamic and AdaptiveJournal of the American Chemical Society 2019, 141, 8868−8876
Y. Xu, R. Kaur, B. Wang, M. B. Minameyer, S. Gsänger, B. Meyer, T. Drewello, D. M. Guldi, M. von Delius A Concave-Convex π-π Template Approach Enables the Synthesis of [10]Cycloparaphenylene-Fullerene [2]RotaxanesJournal of the American Chemical Society 2018, 140, 13413-13420

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R. Brachvogel, F. Hampel, M. von Delius Self-assembly of dynamic orthoester cryptatesNature Communications 2015, 6, 7129