Agilent LC/Q-TOF

HPLC-MS system with a high-resolution Q-TOF detector for the analysis of complex mixtures


Agilent HPLC

Supportive HPLC system for the analysis of mixtures

Shimadzu LC-MS

HPLC-MS system equipped with several different columns for reaction monitoring and studies of dynamic systems


Büchi Flash/Prep HPLC System

Dual system for flash chromatography and preparative HPLC chromatography

Interchim puriFlash

Automated flash chromatography system for routine purification


Discover 2.0 Microwave

Laboratory microwave for synthesis

IKA ElectraSyn 2.0

Plug-and-play device for synthetic electrochemistry

BioLogic Potentiostat and CV Setup

Setup to perform various electrochemical measurements

MBraun SPS

Solvent purification system for fast availability of pure and anhydrous solvents

MBraun Glovebox

Glovebox for handling of air and moisture sensitive compounds

Christ Freeze Drying System

Lyophilizer for gentle drying of sensitive compounds

Siemens EQ.9

Fully automatic coffee machine for individual coffee enjoyment