Ulm-Erlangen Symposium on Functional Organic Materials

On the 10th and 11th of July 2017 we will host the first "Ulm-Erlangen Symposium on Functional Organic Materials" at the University of Ulm. While the primary objective of the symposium is to build bridges between research groups in Ulm and Erlangen, we have also invited four distinguished speakers from other institutions. The meeting will also be a platform for young researchers to present their latest research findings (posters and flash talks) and win one of two poster prizes. Participation is free and all guests are welcome (please register upon arrival at registration desk).


The symposium will take place on campus at Ulm University. The new research building N27 (James-Franck-Ring, 89081 Ulm) has a modern lecture theatre and a large lobby area that is perfectly suited for buffet lunches, coffee breaks and poster sessions.


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Rough Schedule

July 10 2017:

From 12:00: Lunch buffet and arrival

13:00-15:20: Session 1

15:20-16:20: Posters & Coffee

16:20- 18:40: Session 2

Posters & Beer, Speakers dinner


July 11 2017:

8:00-10:20: Session 3

10:20-10:50: Posters & Coffee

10:50- 13:00: Session 4

From 13:00: Lunch buffet and departure


Click here for a detailed schedule.

Confirmed Presentations

  • Stefan Hecht (HU Berlin): Photoswitchable molecules for light-responsive materials

  • Sigurd Höger (Uni Bonn): Nanosized Phenylene-Ethynylene-Butadiynylene Structures and the Role of Shape-Persistence

  • Klaus Müllen (MPI Mainz): A Polymer Chemistry of Graphenes and Graphene Nanoribbons

  • Albert Schenning (TU Eindhoven): Functional Organic Materials and Devices based on Liquid Crystals

  • Christoph Brabec (Erlangen): tba

  • Andreas Hirsch (Erlangen): Chemical Functionalization of Synthetic Carbon Allotropes

  • Milan Kivala (Erlangen): Organic electron acceptors derived from acridophosphine

  • Heiko Weber (Erlangen): Charge Transport in 2D in the presence of extended defects

  • Peter Bäuerle (Ulm): tba

  • Ute Kaiser (Ulm): Challenges of Imaging of low-D materials and single molecules using Cc/Cs corrected SALVE-TEM

  • Stefano Passerini (Ulm, HIU): Decoupling Li+ ion transport from viscosity: High Li content, Ionic Liquid-based electrolytes

  • Carsten Streb (Ulm): Molecular materials chemistry: embedding of molecular metal oxides into functional substrates: from ionic liquids to conductive polymers and nanostructured carbon


Contact: Mrs. Ingrid Bopp (ingrid.bopp@uni-ulm.de)

Organizing Commitee: Prof. Max von Delius, Dr. Frank Hauke, Elisabeth Hofmeister, Henrik Löw


The symposium is funded by the DFG through the Collaborative Research Centre SFB953: "Synthetic Carbon Allotropes"